Fun Dance Video with Upbeat music and animation!

Hello from BEST Baby Sensory!
Welcome to our new followers and subscribers!
We are so happy you have you here on our channel!
After the continuing support and feedback from our first Vibing Veggies video we though why not bring you the next installment featuring Funky Fruit.
Sit back and enjoy with your baby while we bring you the next chapter of best baby sensory videos.
This video features some great house tunes to keep the entire family grooving along.
Follow our bright, colorful and cheerful character as they keep active with there sporty, dancing and funky activities.
Bright, relatable, friendly characters with rhythm encourage your little one to move and dance.
Help build positive food associations and positive relationships with healthy foods.
Babies and families love listening and dancing to the music.
Music has a significant effect on brain development and the learning process, and it simply must be incorporated from birth!